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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Driving a vehicle is a routine part of life, used for getting people to work or school and running errands. They are also machines that carry a lot of weight and can do considerable damage, be it another vehicle or other property. Because of this, North Carolina requires all drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance. Coastal Shield Insurance can help you determine what you need.

North Carolina Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

What is required of you may depend on your situation. For example, auto lenders often require a driver to carry full coverage insurance during the life of the auto loan. Though the state does not require full coverage just for driving, lenders are within their legal rights to require this. This is to protect their financial investment should a car be totaled, and the borrower not wish to pay off the loan.

If you fully own your car, then the state only requires that you carry 30/60/25 coverage. What this means is that should you be responsible for an accident, you are covered for expenses up to:

  • $30,000 for medical coverage per person who is injured
  • $60,000 for total medical coverage, should there be two or more who are injured
  • $25,000 for total property damage that is done

You will be responsible for any amounts exceeding those figures.

These are only minimums. You may opt to have a higher coverage amount on these if desired. Also, there are comprehensive plans to cover the damage to your own car, should you be at the fault of an accident.

What Do I Need?

What do you drive? How far do you drive to work? There are a lot of factors in determining what is best for your situation. The professionals of Coastal Shield Insurance can help figure out what suits you and what you need. Contact our office to speak with someone today!

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