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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

When it comes to protecting your North Carolina home, your responsibilities don't end with purchasing a home insurance policy from Coastal Insurance. Before you stuff that paperwork into a drawer or file folder and forget all about it, there are other pieces of paper you'll want to be able to put your hands on as well; because, as we tell our clients, home insurance protects your house, assets, and property from fire, theft, vandalism, and some types of storm damage, but it's not a fire-proof, vandal-proof, wind-proof, theft-fighting impenetrable shield. In other words, it cannot stop any of these from happening.

If they do, you should call Coastal Shield Insurance immediately. Still, you'll also want to be able to furnish proof of value should any of these perils result in the loss or destruction of any assets in the house or on the property. In other words, you'll want to save receipts and keep an up-date inventory handy, and what better place for them than right there alongside your policy paperwork?

Property Protection

Unless you keep your policy, receipts, and inventory in a fireproof, locked safe, there's no guarantee they won't be burned in a fire or grabbed along with your belongings by a burglar on the run. However, they will be safe on your phone or computer unless.....


Unless that information is lost as well? This is a possibility should your phone and computer be taken or destroyed as well. But you can get around this as well by saving proofs of purchase and photos in an email folder that you can access on a library computer or at the home of a family member or friend.

Speaking of keeping things up-to-date, you'll also want to update us as you make improvements and/or renovations on your home, including installing fencing or erecting storage sheds. Visit us at Coastal Shield Insurance and tell us all about your insurance needs so we can quote a price that will be hard to beat in all of North Carolina.

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